Prestigious houses, apartments rentals

Are you looking for an exceptional and luxury  home to rent, in the French Riviera, in Paris or wherever around the world and  that will make your stay unforgettable?

Very diversified catalogue

We have a very diversified catalogue of mansions, villas, penthouses or apartments to rent for a seasonal rental, of the most selective  partners and owners. Each client is exclusive and deserve the rarest. wether you are looking for a villa to rent in Saint Tropez, or a private mansion in the 16th district of Paris, we will provide you the best.

Premium accompaniation

We will accompany you throughout your stay, from the transfer from the airport to the villa, including the establishment of a private chef  or a personal trainer. We’ll take care to provide and set up all the services and house staff necessary for your comfort and all your needs.

Don't wait anymore contact us, we will have the immense pleasure and privilege of studying your requests.

Bespoke luxury services

Much more than simple concierge, the Ôpera prestige team supports you in your life choices. We have a perfect knowledge of the sectors we cover, as well as a complete address book. Your lifestyle is our concern.


Whether you want to rent a yacht or a car for a short time, or maybe even buy it, wether you are looking for a new watch, rare French bottle wine, or any particular item, we will make it possible, our partners are the most effective and relevant.

Event planner

We also have a sense of the event, and are able to tailor any event, and take on the entire organization ( wedding, anniversary, proposal…)
Our expertise in refinement, our perfect analysis of trends and our knowledge of French & American culture, will allow us to imagine for you and surprise you.


Would you like to make an excursion to Paris, during your stay in south of France? We will set up a private jet, and we will take care of accommodation but also organize your activities on site

Endless creativity

With or without our rental property offer, enjoy all the exceptional personalized services. Don’t limite your imagination and your needs and remember we are a life simplifiers.

Private staff

Ôpera prestige is above all excellence, therefore we got  partnership with the most specialized professionals. We put in place all the the staff required for your comfort and being-well

Private chef

✨we make sure to provide you with the best private staff, private chefs, personal trainer, bodyguard, gardener and more ✨

Personal trainer

Personal trainer, reception hosts, Hair dresser, Masseur & SPA at home

Private driver

Private driver, bodyguards..
We are able to provide you with all the actors who will facilitate your daily life, always with the notion of perfection.

Home staff

Gardener, maid, pet-sitter and more…